Nutty things we’ve seen in the news this week!

This week much loved television presenter Carol Vorderman admitted on her twitter that she is “covered in burns” after falling off a treadmill whilst running naked. The 54 year old revealed that she tripped whilst using the machine and ended up trapped up against a wall. 

Of course this left many of her twitter followers asking the obvious question “Why were you running on the treadmill naked?”. Vorderman has answered her fans by claiming she was in running in the nude because she was “too hot”.

Elsewhere, young Norwegian Swimmer, Marius Solaat Rødland proved that his talents don’t stop at front crawl and butterfly. He has been filmed completing three Rubik’s Cubes underwater in just one breath


His friend holds him under the water as he successfully tackles all three puzzles in less than 1 minute and 30 seconds…and breathe! Don’t try either of these at home!

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