Fun Facts For You Peanut Butter Nutters!

Whether you’re Team Crunchy (Woo!) or Team Smooth (Boo!), you know how good peanut butter is and how well it goes with pretty much anything. We’ve been going through quite a lot of recipe blog posts recently, so how about something different?
Below are some lesser known facts about peanut butter that’ll have you dominating any peanut butter categories at your local pub quiz!

It doesn’t just taste good, it is good for you

Just like how the sugar in oranges aren’t the same as in candy floss, the fat in peanut butter isn’t the bad fat you should be avoiding. In fact, a lot of diets allow peanut butter – just ask Holly McCord who wrote The Peanut Butter Diet: The Amazing Plan That Lets You Lost Weight, Lower Your Cholesterol, Slash Your Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes. Peanuts are even one of the best sources of magnesium, so put that in your diet and eat it!

It’s so versatile!

Hungry for some breakfast? (Remember people, it’s the most important meal of the day!) Then thwack some peanut butter onto toast. Is your belly letting you know it’s dinner time? Get some crispy-roasted Indonesian peanut wings cooking! Are you having the eternal “Should I have/skip dessert?!” debate? Well, if we said you could have peanut butter ice cream with concord grape coulis, that might help you decide.

Smooth vs Crunchy

Studies show that women and children like smooth peanut butter the most, whereas men like crunchy peanut butter the most. Remember to let us know what team you’re on over on out Twitter and Facebook pages!
The Fear and Loathing of Peanut Butter

Arachibutyrophobia – no, we didn’t just lean on our laptop by accident. Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. That just sounds like saving a snack for later to us!

Peanut Butter > Barack Obama?

Presidents get a day, Easter gets a week but peanut butter gets a whole month! November is when you should be flaunting your love for all things peanut buttery. If that isn’t proof that peanut butter is the best thing since sliced bread, it’s definitely proof it’s the best thing spread on it!
Make sure to tell us about any more peanut butter facts you might know over on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages! But beware, the Instagram feed will make you very, very hungry.

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