Peanut Hottie Porridge

Peanut Hottie Porridge

#NationalPorridgeDay… How to make your porridge more exciting


Peanut Hottie Porridge

Peanut Hottie Porridge

In honour of National Porridge Day falling on the 10th October, we want to showcase our three favourite toppings to make a sometimes dull breakfast staple that little bit more exciting…

Apple Pie Porridge

For those who want to embrace the autumnal season, this porridge is bound to get you feeling warm and toasty. Simply chop an apple before microwaving and add cinnamon, brown sugar or honey to taste once cooked. Full recipe here

Peanut Butter & Banana 

An alternative to the classic American style ‘PB & J’, this porridge uses just two ingredients, peanut butter and bananas. Simply add the ingredients before microwaving and voilà! Recipe here.

Fruit and Nut

For a fruity start to your day try this fruit and nut porridge. Pile in chocolate (add dark chocolate if you prefer), raspberries and hazelnuts before microwaving for the perfect decadent porridge.

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