Peanut Hottie Recipe Roundup!

We love it when our social media community share their Peanut Hottie recipes with us, here’s a selection of some of our favourites this month.

We loved these easy oats by Instagram user @jo_eastwood80. Low-carb and only five minutes to prepare! Oats, topped with strawberries, blueberries, yoghurt and chocolate sauce… hard to believe it’s low fat eh? 

@jo_eastwood80 oats

OMG look at these Peanut Hottie and white chocolate cookies by @staceyg_sw_nobodysaidblog! Can we have the recipe please? They look amazing…

white chocolate cookies

@michelleemma_sw made this lovely assortment of yummy treats. Fudge and chocolate chip cookies, Peanut Hottie muffins, and strawberry jam muffins… We’ll take the lot! 

fudge and choc chip cookies and muffins

These recipes were taken from our Instagram page: @peanut_hottie_official, we also share our fave recipes on our Twitter and Facebook pages. 


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