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  • Get shakin’ with Peanut Hottie this summer!


    Summer is just around the corner and we can almost feel the sweet sun shining on our faces (dismiss the forecast of a bank holiday washout – boo!)

    To get us in the mood, we at Peanut Hottie HQ have put our heads together and created some yummy summer shakes. 

    First up is the classic Peanut Hottie Milkshake.  Low in calories, this shake is a no-brainer alternative to cream-laden traditional milkshakes. 

    There’s no better way to indulge in a sweet summer treat without having the little guilt devil on your shoulder pinching you with his pitchfork.

    Check out the video here on Facebook

    Next up – Peanut Hottie Breakfast On-the-Go. 

    Blend Alpro natural yoghurt, banana, oats and three teaspoons of Peanut Hottie.  There is no need for measurements – just drop in what you feel is right and go with it. That extra five minutes in bed is far more important than fiddling with measuring jugs. 

    This shake was the office favourite – it takes less than 30 seconds to make, tastes dee-li-cious and counts towards one of your five-a-day – win!

    Last but not least we have thee shake for choc-lovers – Peanut Hottie Choccy Dream. 

    This shake is so loaded with chocolate it should come with a warning.  The choc concoction is made up of Sweet Freedom Choc Shot, Nutella, banana, 200ml milk and Freedom Confectionary Vegetarian marshmallows.  And, of course, Peanut Hottie Chocolate. 

    We got so excited at the prospect of this shake that we were a tad too liberal with the Nutella and Choc Shot – we would recommend a squeeze of sauce and a level tablespoon of spread.

    A quick whizz and – Taadaa! Your Peanut Hottie Choccy Dream has come true. 

    Enjoy folks – now back to the Peanut Hottie laboratory for some more genius hottie inventions. 



  • Don’t go nutty with fad diets! by Guest Fitness and Diet Blogger CQ

    A smart man once said, ‘there are no shortcuts to any place worth going’ and the words of Earl Nightingale still ring true today – particularly when it comes to diet and fitness.

    Coming into the summer you may have noticed an increase in ads promising ‘quick-fix’ weight-loss… ‘I lost 4 stone in 5 weeks- find out my secret!’, ‘Ditch the gym and get ripped in 2 weeks with this one tip!’ and ‘Who has time for the gym? Lose 3 dress sizes in a month’.

    Although it is in our nature to go for the quick route, there is no point in papering over the cracks: Yes, you may see results but what happens when you stop taking the ‘miracle pill’ or finish the ‘liquid diet’?

    You will pile it all back on again… plus more.

    A close family member of mine participated in such a ‘liquid diet’ advertised in stores across the country, in the hand of a slim size 8 model with a healthy glow and huge smile.

    Evidently the model didn’t do the diet herself. Instead of having the huge high watt smile, the mentioned family member was constantly moody and would throw massive tantrums at the sight of a chocolate bar.

    The ‘healthy glow’ in the ad was contrasted with her dull, yellowish complexion and hair loss… it effectively is glorified starvation.

    Although she reached her goal of three stone weight loss in almost as many weeks, she piled it all back on… and more.

    It wasn’t that she didn’t stick to the ‘aftercare’ diet, she ate fruit and low-fat food, her body just clung to every morsel that she put into her mouth for fear she would submit it to such starvation again.

    Now said person has been converted to a sensible weight-loss programme by joining a slimming class and embarking on an exercise regime and has lost three stone.

    Although it took her longer to lose the same amount of weight, gone are the mood swings and ill complexion; now she has her own ‘glow’ that would rival the ‘liquid diet’ model’s.

    We sometimes lack the willpower to lose weight and get fit but time is the key. As long as you pick yourself up and learn from your mistakes, then you can be where you want to be.

    Health and fitness is an education and no ‘quick weight loss’ plaster is going to heal a lifetime of bad choices.

    Next time you find yourself saying, ‘I want to lose weight’, change it into be something productive; imagine yourself in six months as opposed to a month and you will feel such satisfaction when you reach your goal, knowing that you have achieved it through hard work and perseverance.

    When you get disheartened and the ‘liquid-diet’ model’s figure is tempting you to the dark side, remember the wise words of a modern guru: ‘Fitness – If it came in a bottle, everybody would have a good body’ (Cher).         


    Did you know that Peanut Hottie is the perfect way for slimmers to satisfy that crafty little sweet tooth without feeling guilty?

    It can be used to create an array of low-syn, low-calorie yummy food, from cakes and cheesecakes to breakfasts and cookies. Check out the website for recipes and tips. 

    It would be nuts not to…

    Chocolate Peanut Hottie

  • Easy Peanut Butter Butterfly Cakes by hodge podge days

    Check out this yummy and very popular recipe by Hodge Podge Days 

    I’ve been doing a lot of baking recently which can only mean one thing, I’m happy. I’m not sure why I’ve been blessed with the gift of temporary inner peace but I’m going with it and enjoying the cakey results. Yesterday on a whim I whipped up an experimental batch of Peanut Butter Cakes. They turned out to be pretty darn good, so I’m sharing the recipe. It’s really easy, if I can bake it then so can you.




    Easy Peanut Butter Butterfly Cakes (makes approx 20)

    8oz Butter or margarine (I used stork)
    8oz sugar
    4 large eggs
    2oz peanut hottie powder
    1 teaspoon of baking soda
    6oz self raising flour

    For the icing:
    2 big scoops of Betty Crocker vanilla buttercream style icing
    2 heaped dessert spoons of Chocolate Peanut butter hottie

    1. Beat the butter and sugar together until fluffy and the stir in the eggs.
    2. Carefully fold through the peanut hottie powder, baking soda and self raising flour until combined.
    3. Dollop into cake cases, there should be enough to make about 20 buns.
    4. Bake in a preheated oven at 180c for 15 minutes. Once cooked leave to cool.
    5. To make the icing (yes this is cheaty, but you can make your own buttercream if you want), beat the buttercream until soft and thoroughly mix in the chocolate peanut hottie powder, add a drop of hot water if it feels too stiff.
    6. Carefully cut a circle out of the top of each of your cooled cakes, cut the circle in two, dollop a teaspoon of buttercream into the hole and top with the halves to make them look like butterfly wings.

    Resist the temptation to eat them all in one go.

    So there you have it, really, really easy peanut butter cakes, they’re something that would be great to bake with children, or just by yourself if you’re in your happy place like me.

  • Peanut Hottie Easter Extravaganza!

    Calling all Peanut Hottie lovers!

    For some a four day weekend is getting close, and seen as the weather is set to disappoint (where is the sun?!) it’s time to stay inside and get baking… Easter style! Prepare your bellies as we bring you Easter baking ideas good enough for the Queen of baking, Mary Berry.

    Nutella and Peanut Butter Hot Cross Buns

    What better way to celebrate Easter than combining British tradition with our beloved Peanut Hottie goodness? We present to you Peanut Butter Hot Cross Buns *mouth waters*. This delicious recipe is easy peasy and will blow your friends and families away. Gather your ingredients and mix together, leave the dough to rise and then roll out, add Peanut Hottie goodness along with a lot of chocolate, fold into shape and then watch the magic happen! Our bellies are rumbling at the thought.

    For the full recipe click here!


    Easter Peanut Butter Bunnycakes

    For our younger Peanut Hottie fans out there, we have found the cutest, most hoppin’ recipe around, Easter Peanut Butter Bunnycakes! These adorable little cupcakes are fun to make and delicious to taste. Gather some friends to help, collect your ingredients and follow the recipe here!


    Easter Cupcake Baskets

    If you’re feeling a little adventurous, why not add everyone’s favourite Peanut Hottie to these mini Easter Cupcake Baskets? Perfect for a little treat and a favourite around the Peanut Hottie headquarters, these masterpieces will get everyone talking. Simply mix together your ingredients, bake your cupcakes, assemble your ‘nests’ and then decorate until your heart’s content! We can’t handle the cuteness.

    For full instructions click here!


    Are you feeling creative this Easter? Well, get your cook on and create some Peanut Hottie Easter goodness! Share your photos with us on Facebook or Twitter.

    Happy Easter!

A delectably delicious, instantly indulgent peanut butter flavour hot drink.

An indulgence that simply cannot be missed...

A delectably delicious, instantly indulgent peanut butter flavour hot drink.

An indulgence that simply cannot be missed...