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  • GRUB NOSH SCRAN – Cooking with Peanut Hottie by kris


    From cupcakes to milkshakes, we love receiving your ingenious Peanut Hottie recipes. 

    Last week, peanut mad, super fan Kris, sent a handful of weird and wonderful Peanut Hottie recipes to us! 

    Old Fashioned Cocktail with Chocolate Peanut Hottie

    “The first thing I tried was making an Old Fashioned with the Chocolate Peanut Hottie! I love an Old Fashioned, it’s my favourite cocktail, and I still have some Christmas bourbon left, so I decided to give it a try. Inspiration came from this recipe from the Peanut Hottie website, but y’know, bourbon.”

    1. Gather your ingredients.

    2. Using a few spoonfuls of Peanut Hottie, add a small amount of hot water to turn it into a paste. Literally, a tiny amount.

    3. Add to the glass with some ice.

    4. Stir until the ice starts to melt. Then add a splash of the bourbon. I used 50ml in total. Keep gradually adding more ice, more bourbon and more Peanut Hottie paste until all your bourbon is in the glass.

    4. There we go. Chocolate Peanut Hottie Old Fashioned.



    img_0664 img_0663 img_0662 img_0661 img_0657

    Fair warning, it left it looking a bit cloudy and murky. I’m not sure if there is any way around this, but this is the fun of experimenting in the kitchen. Things sometimes work, and sometimes they don’t. It tasted freaking awesome though! Bourbon, chocolate and peanuts just work so well.

    Thanks for sharing Kris – we can’t wait to try this out!

  • Are you Peanut Hottie’s biggest fan?

    Happy Valentine’s Day hotties! It’s that magical time again, and love is definitely in the air at Peanut Hottie. We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the support that you nutty lot have shown us this past year, and we thought it was only right that we share the love.

    As we’re so lucky to have such creative fans it was a struggle to pick our highlights of the year, but we’ve had a great time remembering some of the delightful tweets we have received.

    We are always on the lookout for our number one fan, so get in touch and give us all the details of your Peanut Hottie love affair. Were we your first love? Did we keep tempt you away from tea? And don’t be shy – we’re nuts about you too!

    Chat to us @PeanutHottie OR Peanut Hottie on Facebook.



  • Delicious Peanut Hottie Smoothie from Frugally Healthy

    We’re really lucky to have such amazing fans who treat us to delicious recipes full of peanuty goodness!

    Our new favourite Peanut Hottie creation comes from Frugally Healthy,  who loves to experiment with healthy foods and fresh tastes.




    Keeping things cool we introduce the Peanut Hottie Smoothie, a blend of Alpro Coconut milk, frozen banana and of course, Peanut Hottie – mmm yummy!


    2 x tsp of Peanut Hottie

    (Add more if you prefer a slightly stronger peanut flavour or you want a sweeter smoothie)

    Start with 2 tsp and work your way up – simple!

    1 x frozen banana

    200ml milk of Alpro coconut milk (which she recommends) as it gives a very creamy flavour, or you could try using nut milks for a nuttier taste.

    Place all the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.

    If you want a real treat try adding a spoonful of vanilla ice cream. The frozen banana acts as an ice cream, making the smoothie thick, chilled and a little bit healthier.

    Give it a whirl and share your experience on our Facebook page! #PeanutLove

    Thanks to @FrugallyHealthy for the recipe, keep them coming guys!

A delectably delicious, instantly indulgent peanut butter flavour hot drink.

An indulgence that simply cannot be missed...

A delectably delicious, instantly indulgent peanut butter flavour hot drink.

An indulgence that simply cannot be missed...